モーガン#1: アーティスト映像作品用の動画大募集!

Submit Your Video and Participate in My Project!


2020/11/27 S-AIRのウェルカムパーティーでのモーガンのプレゼンテーション

Submit your footage of life in Sapporo for my film project!

My name is Morgan Quaintance. I’m an artist and filmmaker living in London and I need your help to make my latest film.

I was set to fly to Hokkaido to make a documentary about people living in Sapporo, but due to the pandemic I am unable to travel. Because of this I am asking people to help me by shooting footage of life in Sapporo that I can use for my film.

What do I mean by ‘life in Sapporo’? Well it could be a recording of anything: a walk in the park, the early morning mist, a pachinko parlour, the view from your window, a fish market, a conversation with a friend, a train journey, dinner at home or in a restaurant, or whatever is on your television at 9 o’clock at night!

It’s simple for anyone to participate and you don’t need to be a filmmaker or artist to do it. All you need is something that allows you to shoot video footage. You can use a phone, an Ipad, a digital camera, or even an old camcorder.

Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to seeing your videos!!!

Morgan Quaintance (S-AIR Artist-in-Residence 2020)





(NPO法人S-AIR 令和2年度オンラインレジデンス招へい作家)


Who can help?
Anyone who lives in Hokkaido and can film and share a footage of their everyday life in Hokkaido

What do we want?
– Short videos of everyday life of people in Hokkaido to be featured in a film by the British artist.

– Footage of between 1-3 minutes in length (No need to be edited, please let us know if the video is longer than specified)

– You can use a smartphone or any kind of device. Anything that is easy for you to use.

How will videos be used?
The completed film will be presented in various occasions such as:

– Online residency presentation scheduled for February
– Online viewing (e.g. our website, blog, YouTube, etc.)
– Potential future events such as national and international exhibitions and/or film festivals

If you have any questions or would like to submit your video, please feel free to email us.
We look forward to hearing from you.








・ネット上での公開( 当団体のHPやブログ、YouTube など)



How to submit your video

We ask them to fill out basic info and also make sure that they are aware how the footages are going to be used.

We also ask that their video might be used in its entirety or only part of it.

We ask them to make sure there’s no personal information in the footage that they themselves or anyone else don’t want in the film.




Enquiry and submission (Kyoko Tachibana, Umi Hagitani, S-AIR)

東京からの手紙 (2018) |Letter from Tokyo (2018)

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