Residency Opportunity in Sapporo and Tokyo, Japan (for Filipino artists)

S-AIR Frontier Artist-in-Residence Programme Autumn 2014
FRONTIER [Japan – Philippines]


Call for Applications

NPO S-AIR (Sapporo) and Art Center Ongoing (Tokyo) are offering a residency opportunity in Sapporo and Tokyo to Filipino artists.

NPO S-AIR and Art Center Ongoingwill provide the successful candidate with the opportunity to learn about Japan, communicate with Japanese artists and local community, and to establish networks and dialogues between local and international artists. This is an opportunity for artists who work in various fields of visual art.

The successful candidate will be staying in Sapporo for the first month and then in Tokyo for the second month. The artist will be expected to produce new work(s) and will be encouraged to experiment in their own field. A collaborative work or project within the community is desirable. The artist will be asked to give either a lecture as well as to show their work in an exhibition (solo or group) or in a presentation at each location of the residency.
The successful candidatewill also be required to provide reflective essay and text on their residency to S-AIR at the end of their residency and to seek opportunities to share their experience on their return to home country (or elsewhere outside Japan)– this could mean an exhibition, a series of presentations or artists talks, or publication of articles, which will have to be reported to S-AIR.

About NPO S-AIR, Sapporo
S-AIR was established in 1999 with partial funding by The Agency for Cultural Affairs, to run an artist-in-residence programme in Sapporo, Japan. Since it was approved to be a non-profit organisation in 2004, S-AIR started a 10-year collaborative residency project with ICC, in which we have been building networks with Japanese and international artists as well as art institutions in Japan and overseas. In 2011, S-AIR initiated a new programme, FRONTIER, which is supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. In April 2013, S-AIR has moved its office to central Sapporo, and so far has hosted 81 participants in total from 33 countries and regions over the period of 15 years (by June 2014).

About Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo
Art Center Ongoing is a complex art institution consisting of a gallery space introducing must-see artists who lead today’s trends in art, with a cafe and a bar space used as a communicational place where visitors are welcome to read old and new art books, also the institution includes a library booth providing extensive information on artists compiled by our own artist network.

The greatest attraction of Art Center Ongoing is its large artists network. Since its establishment in 2008, Ongoing has grown to be one of the most successful Tokyo art spots where active on-going artists in their 20s and 30s always get together and exchange their views seeking for new expressions of art.


Conditions and Requirements

Term of the Residency: 60 days in total

Sapporo: 36 day residency from 30 October – 4 December 2014 (Exhibition planned for late November)
Tokyo: 24 day residency from 4 December – 28 December 2014 (Exhibition planned for late December)

Areas of Practice: All kinds of discipline within the context of visual and contemporary art

Applicants must be Filipino artists, who do not reside in Japan (nor hold Japanese Nationality). The successful candidate must be able to exercise a degree of autonomy and self-reliance and have desire and ability to communicate and interact with locals in English or in Japanese.

It is compulsory for the successful candidate to seek opportunities to share their experience (in a form of exhibition, lecture, media publicity etc) on their return to home country (or elsewhere outside Japan) as stated above, which should be reported to S-AIR. 

Travel Arrangements, Visa and Insurance:
The successful candidate is responsible for their own travel arrangements, visa and insurance in advance. Please contact your local office of the Embassy or Consulate General of Japan for details. 

Travel and material fees can only be reimbursed in Japanese Yen in exchange with receipts and boarding passes (showing the date of purchase, amount of payment, travel itinerary and name of the passenger). Participants should bring enough money to cover the initial spending ideally for the first month.

You are required to arrange travel insurance, which must cover the entire stay including journey to Sapporo, and to send a copy of the certificate to S-AIR prior to your journey.

Our support includes:

  • Travel costs (up to 170,000 yen) in exchange with receipts and boarding passes
  • Material Fees (up to 150,000 yen in total) in exchange with receipts
    to cover production both in Sapporo and Tokyo
  • Daily allowance (3,500 yen)
  • Accommodation: a rented single room with a small working space and internet connection
    Please bring your own laptop as no computer will be provided
  • Free pay-as-you-go mobile phone rental (call credits are not included)
  • Utility bills (water, gas and electricity)


What Should Be Included in Your Application?

All materials should be provided in English. All the information provided in the application may be used to promote and document the programme, which may be accessible to the public and shown in print and online.

  1. Complete Application Form (PDF or Word, A4)
  2. Résumé/CV (PDF or Word, A4) including a list of exhibitions and educational background
  3. Project Portfolio/Documentation (PDF, A4, no more than 6 pages)
    A PDF portfolio/documentation including 5 major works or projects that you have produced or initiated with some descriptions and images. You may include links to project websites and videos documenting the projects.
  4. Portrait (Jpeg, 500pix min)
 Photograph of yourself above shoulder


How to Apply

Download Application Form and Guideline, which are available in PDF and Word format, from the following links:

Application Guide
Application Form (pdf)
Application Form (word)

Include [Philippines: YOUR NAME] in the subject line, make sure you Do NOT include any attachment in the email, and send your application folder in either of the following methods:
–  share your application folder via google drive or dropbox
–  send your application folder via online storage services such as or

Email the links to your application package to:


Deadline: Wednesday 23rd July 2014 at 8am (JST)

Applications should be submitted online NO LATER THAN the above date and time. Please make sure that you follow the guideline as only complete applications will be considered.


Selection Schedule



3F-A, North 6 East 2-2-10, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, 060-0906 JAPAN

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