Call for Submissions: Tokachi Artist-in-Residence, Hokkaido, Japan

Call for Applications

Deadline: Thursday 12 September 2013 (8am JST)
*One place is available for this opportunity

T-AIR (Tokachi Artist-in-Residence) is offering an opportunity to one artist for a 45-day residency in Urahoro, a town in Tokachi district, east Hokkaido, Japan.

The district of Tokachi is located in east part of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, which has the second largest area as an island after Honshu. Since Tokachi has flourishing industries in agriculture, forestry and fishing, it is often considered as one of the main food production bases in the country. Tokachi’s success was made possible by both the local pioneers, who cultivated the land, as well as its rich natural surroundings.

The visiting artist will stay in the town of Urahoro, and will have an opportunity to utilise Tokachi’s rich resources including food in their art production and/or workshop(s) during the residency.

About Tokachi Artist-in-Residence (T-AIR)

T-AIR, in association with NPO S-AIR, will provide the successful candidate with the opportunity to learn about the local district of Urahoro and Tokachi, Hokkaido, communicate and engage with the local community. This opportunity is open to artists who practice in any form of visual art but they must meet the requirements stated below.

The aim of this residency is to engage and foster artists and emerging local talents, which, in effect, would encourage local regeneration activities in the Tokachi district.

Our activities and objectives are:
1. To foster emerging artists and to nurture local talents with unique ideas by engaging them with the artists
2. To support art activities utilising the local industries and rescources such as food and landscape as well as engaging the locals with artists
3. Through the above activities (2) in and out of Tokachi District, to further friendly international relations and promote the activities

Conditions and Requirements

• Conditions
This opportunity is open to artists who are able to work utilising the local resources of Urahoro, and they are required to:

1. produce art work to be installed in and/or around Rushin Hot Spring Resort site
2. initiate workshop involving elementary and junior high school students (ages 6-15)
3. hold an open studio

• Term of the Residency
45 day residency from 12 October until 25 November 2013

• Areas of Practice:
Any practise in the field of visual arts, but you must meet the requirements. Please read the requirements carefully.

• Support
Our support includes:

– Travel Costs** (up to 170,000 yen)
Return flight ticket fees to and from Urahoro/Obihiro will be reimbursed in exchange with the receipts and boarding tickets. Any receipt without the date of purchase, the amount of payment, or the name of the passenger will not be accepted.
Railway tickets can also be accepted additionally – if you could not fly directly to Obihiro Airport, you can fly into Sapporo Shin Chitose Airport and take a JR railway train to Obihiro. Please consult before you book your journey.
– Material Fees** (up to 300,000 yen for the production of work to be installed in and around the hot spring site)
– Daily Expenses** (up to 150,000 yen also to cover workshop expenses – some materials and resources can be separately supplied for the workshop)
– Accommodation with internet access
Staff accommodation supplied by NPO Ordinary Servants
– One on-site interpreter
to help communicate with others in English and Japanese and to introduce the artist to the local area and people
– Studio (no internet access)
Facility owned by NPO Ordinary Servants
– Exhibition space
Art work to be installed in and/or around Rushin Hot Spring Resort (Urahoro)
– Mobile phone rental (excluding call credits)
– Access to a car (petrol should be covered by the participant)
**NOTE: All fees including travel fees, material fees and daily expenses will only be reimbursed in Japanese yen in exchange with the receipts (including boarding passes for flight fees). It is also strongly advised that the successful candidate should bring enough money to cover the initial expenses that could potentially occur.

• Eligibility
Applicants must:
– neither hold Japanese nationality nor reside in Japan, and are able to exercise a degree of autonomy and self-reliance
– have desire and ability to communicate and actively interact with local residents in English or in Japanese
– obtain travel insurance, which covers the entire residency period including the return journey
– produce art work to be installed in or around the Rushin Hot Spring Resort site, which will later be donated to the town
* Candidates with a valid international driver’s licence are desirable as the visiting artist will have an access to a car.

• Travel Arrangements, Visa and Insurance
The successful candidate is required to arrange for their own return journey to Urahoro/Obihiro as well as their own insurance in advance. Those who require visa or those without travel insurance are not eligible for this opportunity.
To find out whether your country have visa exemption arrangements with Japan, go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website.

What Should Be Included in Your Application?

Please note: All materials should be provided in English. All the information provided in the application may be used to promote and document the programme, which may be accessible to the public and shown in print and online.

– Complete Application Form (PDF or Word, A4)
– Résumé/CV (PDF or Word, A4) including a list of exhibitions and educational background
– Project Portfolio/Documentation (PDF, A4, no more than 6 pages)
A PDF portfolio/documentation including 5 major works or projects that you have produced or initiated with some descriptions and images. You may include valid links to project websites and videos documenting the projects.
– Portrait Picture (Jpeg, 500pix min)
Photograph of yourself above shoulder

Application Documents Downloads

– Application guideline (pdf file download )
– Application form (pdf file download )
– Application form (word file)

How to Apply

Please send the completed application through online storage services such as or
Do not attach any data in your email but include the links to the server where your data is stored.
Send an email with the link(s) to your downloadable application data to:

Deadline for submission:
Thursday 12 September 2013 (8am JST)

Please make sure you have read the guideline thoroughly. Late and incomplete applications will not be considered.

Final Selection

The selected artist is planned to be announced on 20 Sep 2013 at the following blog page:
*If there will be any change to the announcement date, we will announce it beforehand on the same blog page.

Tokachi Artist-in-Residence (T-AIR)

This programme is initiated in association with NPO S-AIR, Sapporo, Japan

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