Chi Wo の近況

彼は、「Domestica Invisibile」という、様々な人の住む場所に焦点をあてた作品を制作しています。そのプロジェクトで、札幌滞在中に故村岸宏昭さんを訪ねたことがもととなって、今回の展覧会の作品につながっているようです。

leung chi wo: jonathan & muragishi
FEBRUARY 13, 2013 – MARCH 15, 2013

The exhibition Jonathan & Muragishi intends to recall the voice of the past in the present through the stories of two actual people no longer living and fictionalized in the work, Jonathan Napack (1967 – 2007) and Hiroaki Muragishi (1984 – 2006). They were two interviewees from an earlier project, Domestica Invisibile (2004-present), an exploration of psychological response and physical adaptation to often pre-defined and cramped domestic spaces in urban Hong Kong. Jonathan was a mid-career American arts writer, who witnessed the development of the Asian contemporary art scene, and Muragishi was a young multimedia artist from Sapporo, Japan.

In their interviews, they both spoke of their small apartments in Hong Kong and how they reinvented or repurposed these tiny living environments. These interviews will be transmitted throughout the gallery in furniture and other domestic objects, invoking some of the spaces described by Jonathan and Muragishi.

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