Sok’s New Project

Sok has been invited to participate in an art project, RiverScapes, initiated by Goethe Institute:

Coordinated by Goethe-Institut Hanoi, 6 curators and 17 artists from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines are working on the subject of ecological and cultural change of major river landscapes in Southeast Asia, creating installations, photo series, video and sound installations. Riverscapes INFLUX Blog follows the artists’ working process and gives an insight on how the artworks evolve. The exhibition will open in Hanoi in April 2012 and tour the participating countries until December 2012.
One of the curators to involve in this project from Cambodia is Erin Gleeson, who is also the art director and co-founder of SA SA BASSAC, one of the leading contemporary galleries in Phnom Penh, and Sok is represented by Erin. Interesting project.
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